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Explore boundless possibilities with our energetic team. From Intimate Hideaways to Resplendent Stages we excel in every setting. No challenge is too daunting, no venue too vast. Wherever your imagination leads, we thrive on crafting unforgettable experiences. In collaboration with you, we bring forth a wealth of technical expertise and creative innovation, ensuring your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tailored to your unique vision, our services range from comprehensive event concepts to technical support. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we’re here to infuse every aspect of your event with freshness and uniqueness, leaving an indelible impression on your audience.

Touring Music

Worldwide, USA, EU, UK, Grassroots. We support musicians at every step of the way. Be it a humble 200 cap grassroots club or a 15k cap stadium you can be sure you get the very best from our team.

Corporate Events

Gala Dinners, Product Activations, Awards Ceremonies, EoY Presentations, Conferences or Employee Appreciation Events. Let your company stand out with a seamless customised event.

Cultural Showcase

Telling stories and celebrating heritage is fundamental in a strong community. We'll help tell yours with finesse and attention.

What we do

Stage & Set Design

Stage and Set are the foundation of the entire process. We design catchy, fast-build staging and sets unique to each event without breaking the budget or construction time.

Lighting Design

Complementing and emphasising the atmosphere and emotion of your event from an artistically decorated conference room to a flashy energetic pop show.

LED Wall & Projection

Large format Video Wall and Projections perfect for corporate presentations, rock and roll content and IMAG displays.

Custom Content & Graphics

Time coded media for a live music performance or Motion Graphics tying together a presentation. All custom made in-house by our editors.

Audio Engineering

Our audio specialists calculate the most efficient system to achieve suitable volume and clarity for each application. Hear every word of a speech or blast rock and roll at 3000 people.

Breakout Room & VIP Area

Everybody comes for the main event. But your breakout and VIP areas should receive the same attention. With integrated design we give a seamless feel between different areas of your event.

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